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Harmonic Solutions to Inspire Wellness at the Workplace

Bringing Harmonic Solutions to the Office

Welcome to the World of Harmony


  • Do you want to improve your employees’ productivity?
  • Improve workers’ efficiency?
  • Boost low morale?
  • Improve workers’ energy levels?
  • Help your employees work together?
  • Improve creativity & ability to come up with new ideas?
  • Has your office tried other tools that didn’t work & you’re having trouble finding solutions?
  • Don’t have enough time available for extensive employee training to fix ongoing problems?
  • Or even having enough funds to pay for expensive trainings?


Congratulations. You’re in the right place. Let’s bring you back into Harmony.

Office Harmony.

Why Harmonize?

Employee burnout, lack of focus, and lower inspiration are key problems for productivity, efficiency, and creativity in the workplace. Employees who re-harmonize discover how to de-stress, tap into creativity, and mindfully engage with co-workers. The solution is for employees to utilize meditation. They discover a deeper sense of self and purpose. This allows them to better connect to the important role they play in your organization.

What's In It For You?

Employee Benefits:
• Less stress and anxiety
• Increased focus, concentration, memory & creativity
• Improved problem solving skills
• Improved communication skills
• More energy and vitality
• Improved self esteem
• Overall health & wellbeing


Company Benefits:
• Higher productivity, response time and focus
• Lower employee turnover/increase employee loyalty
• Lowered absentee rates
• Cohesive team culture
• A kinder, more positive work environment
• Increased efficiency which increases profits
• Meditations are tailored to your company’s needs
• Can emphasize multiple areas: increasing focus, creativity, etc.
• High participation rate with convenience of on-site meditation

Harmony Delivered

What does it look like? Office Harmony delivers on-site meditations at your office and/or company event. After an initial consultation, we will tailor our program to your specific needs & goals. Our 20-30 min meditations will balance, recharge & rejuvenate your employees.

• 3x per week: $1,500/mo (Recommended for most offices)

• 2x per week: $1,000/mo (Minimum to provide noticeable value)

• 5x per week: $2,500/mo (My employees deserve ultimate support!)

• Custom pricing & options available to tailor to your company’s specific needs

Harmonize Your Team and Watch Them Thrive!


Office Harmony services will not only transform performance & corporate culture, but will show your employees that you care about their health & wellbeing. Please contact us at to discuss the best meditation program for your organization!

Stimulating Convergent and Divergent Thinking

In scientific terms, Office Harmony utilizes both Open Monitoring meditations (which can help stimulate divergent thinking, or generating new ideas & solutions) and Focused Attention meditations (which can stimulate convergent thinking, a process of narrowing down to a single solution for a particular problem).




Some Testimonials & Praise For Office Harmony Meditations

I have meditated on my own for a long time, but it was difficult to focus and progress beyond a basic level. After working with Jason and the Sanskrit mantras he teaches, I have been able to reach deeper states of meditation. By focusing on the mantra, I can tune out a lot of the extra thoughts that would inevitably pop up, and really deepen my concentration.

Meditation has allowed me to manage the stress from a very demanding job, by refocusing my mind & body on the present. Without the meditations Jason has taught me, I would have completely burned out on my job years ago. It has also helped me access a deeper understanding of my feeling and not be so consumed by them.

Working with Jason is truly a life changing experience. He has so many different meditation tools to help you reach a deeper state of meditation. He has a deeply calming presence that creates a soothing meditative environment everywhere he goes. The best part of Jason’s meditation is the way he connects you to thousands of years of meditation practices that are so applicable to everyday life. Thank you Jason!

Andrea G.

executive assistant, accounting firm

I love working with Jason and feel he is very grounded and helpful in my meditation practice. He has very calm, peaceful and present energy, that helps so much in this fast-paced, intense world.

Having a session with Jason helps calm me and bring my life into clarity and perspective. He is a great teacher, and meditation has been a key in keeping my life more in balance.

Amy Smart-Oosterhouse


After my second miscarriage, I was really devastated, and a friend suggested I go see Jason. I became more and more nervous that I may not be able to have children, and it was really straining my relationship with my husband.

I really needed some emotional help and support—more than I was getting from my doctor—and made an appointment with Jason. I had no idea what to expect, just that I knew he was an energy healer.

I was crying within the first 5 minutes of working with him, not realizing that I was holding onto a lot of resentment for my father, which all came rushing out. Jason helped me understand what was going on energetically with my body, and showed me grounding exercises and a mantra to meditate with.

Well, long story short…I got my husband to do a few sessions with Jason, and by the 4th month, we were pregnant with my now 2-yr-old baby girl!!!

I don’t know if I got pregnant specifically because of the energy work I did with Jason, but I can confidently say he made one of the most difficult years of my life much easier to bear. It might be emotional at first, but you should definitely work with Jason!

Jenny R.

elementary teacher

I used to have a very difficult time clearing my mind and focusing. I would get very stressed out with work deadlines, and my anxiety would restrain me from working efficiently.

Jason has a special gift that helps him heal your mind, body and spirit. He has taught me that it is better to take 5-10 minutes out of the day to clear your mind, because when you have clarity, you can be focused and be truly present with yourself. Being present is when you can achieve your inner peace and your goals.

As a result of working with Jason, I have improved my ability to focus and work efficiently, and I have since gotten a promotion and consistently rank very highly in sales. Meditation keeps me grounded and helps clear my mind when things get too chaotic.


Franchesca S.


I have been Jason’s client for several years now. He is always a calming presence and impresses me with his knowledge of Eastern thought and meditation practices. To relieve stress, I often chant the mantra Oṃ Namaḥ Śivaya that Jason taught me. It works!

Barbara B.

accounting partner

EVERY time I start to feel stressed at work (it’s commission-based sales, so it’s frequent!), I immediately chant my mantra and think about what Jason would suggest I do in those situations. When I want to be more calm and centered, he’s always my go-to resource!

Natalie B.



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